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2day2nite Show with Nina Rawls ::: 1 hour of laughs! No topic is off limits! | 2day2nite is a live interactive web based show catered to YOU the viewer.

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A letter from Nina Rawls

Hello Team Niters,

I am writing this letter to you to extend a VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU!!! I can never truly express how I love and appreciate each and everyone of you for your love, support and dedication to our show. Today will mark our 50th show and I was shocked when I realized it a few night’s ago. It has never felt like a job as everyone here at the 2day2nite love show days. I created this show for YOU, the viewers and I knew it would be a success as giving you an outlet to discuss ANYTHING (sometimes a bit out of control :) ) was something long needed. Everyday, every show we work harder to deliver a better show for you. The first 50 we had many changes and you embraced each one and never strayed. The next 50…I promise you will be funner, better and I am really going to force more of your participation as that’s what this show is about. .I THANK YOU with every part of what I am. On behalf of Aiden myself, G., D. Chris, Kyle, Shawna and Kathy. We love and appreciate you so we toast you and the next 50 shows.

All my love,

~ Nina Rawls

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